Discover the advantages that Talika Lipocils brings to your eyelashes

I am lucky as I have pretty decent eyelashes but after having party lashes removed , I felt like my lashes were quite patchy and damaged. The Lipocils Expert has offered the TLC that my lashes needed.

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Achieve the perfect naturally with the Talika Lipocils Serum

Talika Lipocils Expert created by Talika is the totally safe solution to naturally enhance the beauty of your lashes in just 28 days. This new and improved formulation of Lipocils contains a blend of natural actives, such as Nettle and Peptides to improve strength and lengthen. 

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Do you expect Talika lipocils to your eyelashes?

Achieve legendary lashes with the Talika Lipocils Lipo and Mascara; a 2-in-1, dual-ended lash regrowth and lengthening mascara in one.Specialists in eyelash growth for over 60 years, Talika have developed Lipocils Expert - a highly advanced, deeply conditioning formula that delivers triple action benefits with five natural ingredients, seeking to stimulate regrowth, intensify natural pigmentation and enhance curl.

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Talika lipocils can reach the length of the eyelash

In normal conditions, our lashes never reach their maximum length: they fall out; they become brittle and break because of pollution, use of make-up and make-up removers. 

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Talika Lipocils Review

Body language is a very large part of how we communicate with each other. Eye contact is one of the most important components of body language. You can tell a lot about someone by what kind of eye contact they offer. If you are self conscious about the way your eyes or eyelashes look, you probably will be sending signals that people have trouble interpreting.

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Talika-New formula for eyelash growth

Talika - Lipocils Expert A new formulation with clinical tests proving eyelash lengthening of up to 4.4 mm in 28 days. A new unique dual applicator  developed for easier use. The soft tip is used for application to the eyelids to penetrate at the root of the lashes and the brush applicator is used for conditioning the lashes. Lipocils Expert

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Effectiveness of growth serum

My existing lashes seemed to grow more with L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum but the Talika Lipocils Expert seemed to encourage and speed up the growth of new lashes including on the lower lashline. New lash growth was stagnant with the L’Oreal serum. Which you prefer depends on your concerns and what you want for your lashes.

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Stick with the effect of the eyelash growth liquid

In the skin care products market, you can find a product called eyelash growth liquid, as the name implies after the smear can grow eyelashes, if only from the product introduction to the publicity, eyelash growth liquid useful, eyelash growth seems to have a great effect, then in fact, the eyelash growth liquid useful.

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Talika Lipocils to help you realize your long eyelashes dream

I grew up to care about their eyes, said the eyes are the window of the soul, that eyelash is beautiful curtains! My eyelashes are very rare, but also always fall, careful protection or can not extend the growth cycle of eyelashes, I particularly do not like to stick false eyelashes, afraid of unnatural!

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Growth of Talika Lipocils nourishing eyelashes

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Nourishing Liquid is one kind, based on the natural plant extracts the gel, the special protein active formula, by the soy lecithin and the amino acid and so on the protein compound, reduces the eyelash to fall off, the acceleration eyelash growth, lets the eyelash become longer, more thick, has the luster and the elasticity.

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