Talika Lipocils Expert serum contains the same complexes of five plants and silk proteins as Lipocils, used to regulate, and support the densification of eyelashes. Additional natural ingredients (peptide, Forskohlii), promote eyelash enhancement of curl, and color enhancement, especially for light or not very black eyelashes.

Mascara-like brushes that ensure the best distribution of serum along the entire follicle, eyelashes. Foam sponge tip, allowing gently along the top and bottom, eyelash line to apply serum, without any risk. With the preparation of plants and natural ingredients, serum is safe for the eyes. Talika Lipocils experts are the perfect base for mascara.

For the 28 consecutive days of use, Lipocils Expert's 30 healthy volunteers, the majority of participants in the clinical study reported that a longer eyelash was reported, all participants had light or dark eyelashes and reported their natural pigment concentrations Increase (50% as provided). After a week of use, the eyelashes look thicker and healthier.

Talika Lipocils

  • Apr 27, 2017
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