The unique formula for Talika Lipocils expert Eyelash growth Serum Mascara was found by Dr. Danielle Rochester (Dr. Danielle) in the treatment of two World War II. She used the essence of plant extracts to develop an antibacterial ointment, which is able to manage the wound, but to her surprise, the medicine has another magical effect-to make eyelashes and eyebrows significantly longer and thicker. Its efficacy is currently the only country on the market by the French National Advertising Bureau (BVP) approved, and through the Sabert hospital in Paris, France, clinical validation.

The Talika Lipocils smear at the root of the eyelash, use 1-2 times a day and night, 28 consecutive days, the existing eyelashes will reach the maximum length, eyelash length increases between 0.5-2.5 mm. And all eyelashes, whether new or long, are reinforced and have a stronger resistance to external pollution and environmental factors.

Main Ingredients: Vitamin B6: Stimulate the natural growth of eyebrows, restore the original luster of eyebrows. Chestnut Fruit essence: Strengthens the eyebrow the toughness and the hardness, promotes the blood circulation. Water molecule: Elevate eyebrow tissue to keep moisture. Fruit and vegetable Extract essence: soft, soothing.

Talika Lipocils Expert Eyelash Growth Serum

  • Jun 29, 2017
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