I grew up to care about their eyes, said the eyes are the window of the soul, that eyelash is beautiful curtains! My eyelashes are very rare, but also always fall, careful protection or can not extend the growth cycle of eyelashes, I particularly do not like to stick false eyelashes, afraid of unnatural!

Looking for a lot of eyelashes to become dense method, finally has the opportunity to try to Talika lipocils Eyelash Nourishing liquid, from the use of the day can obviously see the eyelashes less than before, but also to see a lot of small eyelashes, now every eyelash can grow an unprecedented long oh!

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Nourishing Liquid, is a kind of natural plant extracts the gel, the special protein active formula, by the soy lecithin and the amino acid and so on the protein compound, reduces the eyelash to fall off, the acceleration eyelash growth, lets the eyelash become longer, more thick, has the luster and the elasticity. It is currently the only market on the French national Advertising Agency (BVP) approved the use of this claim product, and also through the Paris Sabert Hospital certification.

Talika Lipocils

  • Jul 11, 2017
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