In the skin care products market, you can find a product called eyelash growth liquid, as the name implies after the smear can grow eyelashes, if only from the product introduction to the publicity, eyelash growth liquid useful, eyelash growth seems to have a great effect, then in fact, the eyelash growth liquid useful.

It is understood that the qualified eyelash growth liquid contains enzymes EPM, this enzyme is composed of 10 amino acids, is a part of the formation of human tissue protein, can promote hair cell formation and development, which is to say, eyelash growth liquid is useful, real eyelash growth liquid is a certain role, some brands of growth of the liquid can indeed make the eyelash fast growth.

Some people insist on the use of Talika lipocils expert eyelash growth liquid, can indeed see eyelashes than the original more slender and thick. And the data show that the effective eyelash growth liquid contains a strong eyelash effect of vitamin B5, and this ingredient is also a major component of robust hair, but perhaps the effect varies from person to person, so it may not be obvious.

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  • Jul 18, 2017
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