My existing lashes seemed to grow more with L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum but the Talika Lipocils Expert seemed to encourage and speed up the growth of new lashes including on the lower lashline. New lash growth was stagnant with the L’Oreal serum. Which you prefer depends on your concerns and what you want for your lashes.

I personally prefer the texture of Talika Lipocils Eyelash . It is light and watery and dries quickly. Applying mascara over it was also no problem. I find the L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum a little heavy and silicone in texture and mascara did not do well for me over it. When dried, my lashes with Talika feel soft, but lashes with L’Oreal feel more stiff.

Both lash serums kept my lashes well conditioned and I believe makes them stronger. On some days, I could do without curling my lashes first before applying mascara. My lashes also appear stronger and less prone to dropping off when I clean my mascara off at night.

Ultimately, which lash serum you go for depends on your budget and what you want out of it. For me, I found that Talika Lipocils Expert was better for helping new lashes grow and I preferred the texture and how my lashes felt with it on. Remember that every product works differently for everyone so you might have to test it for yourself before you decide if its good or not. What I have is a rough guide of my experience – yours might be different.

Talika Lipocils Eyelash
  • Jul 24, 2017
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