I am lucky as I have pretty decent eyelashes but after having party lashes removed , I felt like my lashes were quite patchy and damaged. The Lipocils Expert has offered the TLC that my lashes needed. The before and after aren’t as dramatic as I had hoped but my lashes are certainly a lot more even, with added length and they are slightly darker. Hopefully in the next 28 days there will be even more of an improvement. 

The new Talika Lipocils Eyelash  & Black mascara and treatment duo is the perfect hybrid of using natural ingredients with high-tech science—simply apply the clear treatment that's packed with 12 plant extracts to clean lashes, then follow with the nutrient-rich mascara .

With the benefits of Lipocils clinically proven and guaranteed, you can be confident in recommending this unique, easy to use product to the vast numbers of women who want longer, thicker, more lustrous eyelashes.

Talika Lipocils Eyelash

  • Sep 02, 2017
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