Nothing gives a more lovely and glamorous appearance than long and lustrous lashes. With Talika Lipocils Expert  Eyelash Conditioning Gel it is possible to have naturally longer and thicker eyelashes in just 28 days. Lipocils does not irritate even the most hypersensitive eyes and is suitable for contact lens wearers.

It’s important to supplement vitamin c as the body can’t produce it naturally, Instead vitamin C is obtained from foods, including citrus fruits, bell peppers and numerous other fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is used to produce energy in cells and also helps to shield the body from elements in the environment that can damage it.

Apply twice daily, morning and night. Start at the root of lashes, rubbing in with the soft brush and apply outward through the lashes. Follow with your favorite mascara.

Talika Lipocils Expert

  • Mar 25, 2017
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